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There is a lot of EV mis-information out there. We've attempted to address some of this in our EV FAQ page.

When it comes to providing EV chargers in Breakfast Point apartments consider...

Volvo's Polestar 2 EV

ABC News - The EV 'social equity' dilemma that may put apartment residents off electric cars

Fact: EVs Are Coming

Dozens of countries have already mandated a phase-out of fossil fuel cars with some jurisdictions banning petrol and diesel new sales as early as 2025, many others by the 2030. Most car manufacturers are well underway in their transition to EV.

Every state government in Australia have released EV implementation strategies. See Further Reading for details.

Make no mistake, EVs are coming and are already here in Breakfast Point.

Fact: EV Charging Can Be Provided in Apartments Without Exceeding Supply Constraints

Your Breakfast Point EV team has identified that there are various methods to implement EV charging using current building power capacity and not exceeding limits. Details contained in pages below.

Information to help navigate the challenges of EV charging in Breakfast Point