Load Managed Systems

Load management system

Load managements systems enables chargers to be installed without a negative impact on the general electricity supply by maintaining the overall load with the design parameters for the supply.

Load managed features and key points

  • System is supplied and maintained by a provider.

  • Each user will have an account with the provider.

  • Requires an ongoing subscription which is typically charged to users of the system.

  • Electrical power to the system is sourced from the building's common power.

  • Users will pay the provider for power consumed by charging sessions (normally via a credit card attached to the individual's account). The owners corporation will set the price of electricity charged to the owners, typically enough to cover power and administrative costs, if any. The provider will periodically reimburse the owners corporation for power consumed ensuring the owners corporation is not out of pocket for ongoing power consumption.

Key components of a load managed charging system

Smart hub

The "smarts" of a load managed system is usually a small box mounted inside the power distribution room.

This device will...

  • monitor the building's overall power consumption with CT clamps

  • communicate with individual chargers in the building, dynamically adjusting the power consumption of each charger as required

  • report usage data to a cloud portal for centralised account and user management

Wall charger

A discrete wall or pole mounted EV charger.

This device will...

  • optionally provide user authentication

  • communicate with the smart hub to dynamically adjust charge rate (power consumption) as required

  • report usage to the smart hub