Solution Guidelines

Guidelines for Strata

It is anticipated that all strata will need to make provision for electric vehicle charging facilities going forward. These guidelines are provided to assist strata in that process and demonstrate various options according to building layout etc.

The Breakfast Point EV team has built a decision tree to help navigate strata through the various EV charging options.

A PDF version of this decision tree page may be downloaded here.

About the options

The complexity of both the installation and of allocating usage costs generally increases in order of the options shown in Figures 1 to 5. It is possible that the options shown may co-exist within the one building depending on the particular building configuration. In this circumstance the Owners Corporation may need to determine the appropriate mix of options. Maximising the use of Lot Owners power by accessing their A/C circuits or direct from their basement meters will maximise the available power for options 4 and 5.

Options 1 to 3

Options illustrated in Figures 1 to 3 are configured to limit the power to the EV charging circuit to be within the design load for the individual apartment.

The full cost of both installation and power usage is covered by the Lot Owner and providing the appropriate bylaws are in place has no negative consequences for the Owners Corporation. Where wholly or partly available options 1 to 3 are likely to be a preferred option for both the Lot Owner and the Owners Corporation.

Options 4 and 5

These options utilise common property power need to ensure that the design parameters for the building as a whole are not exceeded. There are relatively inexpensive modules that provide load management and real time monitoring of the power usage to ensure EV power usage has no negative impact on the common property supply.

It would be expected that the Owners Corporation would need to fund all costs related to common property and typically the Lot owner would fund the supply and installation of the individual charger and any cabling specific to that charger. Options 4 and 5 would provide the opportunity for the Owners Corporation to set a cost surcharge as a mechanism to recover the original capital costs in the long term and cover any ongoing management costs. The level of surcharge may be dictated by the level of usage.

For Option 5 there will potentially be an ongoing management charge that will vary depending on which third party provider is contracted.

Option 1 - EV Charger Power Sourced from Owner's AC Circuit

For those Lot Owners having their AC compressors located in the basement or garage, there is an option to provided a controlled supply from their AC circuit to their EV charger.

  • All costs by Lot Owner.

  • Requires bylaw approval.

Option 2 - EV Charger Power Sourced from Owner's Basement Meter

For those Lot Owners with their meter located in the basement, there is an option to provide a controlled supply between the Lot Owners meter and the Lot Owners garage.

  • All costs by Lot Owner.

  • Requires bylaw approval.

Option 3 - Source EV Charger Power from the Lot Owner's Power Meter or Board

  • Power from Apartment Distribution Board.

  • Cabling at Lot Owners expense.

  • Power consumed on Lot Owner's meter.

  • Requires bylaw approval.

Option 4 - EV Charger Power Sourced from Common Power and Regulated by Time of Day

System potentially installed by strata electrician with Strata Manager billing users for power consumed.

  • Setup costs generally to Owners Corporation.

  • Cabling to garage and charger costs to the Lot Owner.

Option 5 - EV Chargers Controlled by a Load Management System

  • System installed and managed by third party provider.

  • Setup costs are generally to the Owners Corporation.

  • Any cabling to individual garage and charger costs to the Lot Owner.

  • May have ongoing management fees.