Electric Vehicles

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EV Charging for Breakfast Point

The Breakfast Point Community Association Electric Vehicle Project Team is tasked with providing support to the Community to assist in managing the projected increase in EV usage over the coming years. Here you will find general information on the options and solutions available together with links to relevant NSW Government websites. Each building in Breakfast Point may have differing infrastructure and may require specialist input in developing a solution to meet their own requirements.

The Community Association has an overriding Bylaw 98 that requires that all EV charging facilities must be approved by the relevant subsidiary body. Each subsidiary body should have a process in place to consider any applications to install or use any EVSE equipment.

Current developments in technology now mean that all buildings on Breakfast Point can install EVSE equipment for each individual residence without any negative impact on their overall electricity supply.

What's Being Done

The Community Association has formed a project team to investigate the provision of electric vehicle charging stations within Breakfast Point.

The project team is looking at a number of scenarios including the provision of charging facilities within individual strata, and also EV parking bays with chargers that would be available for use by Community Residents. It should be noted that the development of Load Managements systems enables these chargers to be installed without a negative impact on the general electricity supply by maintaining the overall load with the design parameters for the supply.

Calling all Current and Future EV Owners.

We are keen to hear from Electric Vehicle (EV) Owners in Breakfast Point

Since our previous survey 12 months ago, there has been increased interest in the uptake of electric vehicles. We are asking current and prospective EV owners to participate in a small survey. This information will help inform and provide direction of EV charging requirements for your strata and the community.

NSW Government Incentives

The NSW Government is making EVs more affordable for the people of NSW by reducing upfront costs. Check out new rebates and stamp duty incentives


Questions? Like to know more about EV's, check out our Frequently Asked Question page.

Information for Strata

We've put together some information to help strata understand the challenges and implement an EV charging policy.

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