Electric Vehicles

in your Breakfast Point Community

Calling all Current and Future EV Owners

We are keen to hear from EV Owners in Breakfast Point

Since our previous survey 12 months ago, there has been increased interest in the uptake of electric vehicles. We are asking current and prospective EV owners to participate in a small survey. This information will help inform and provide direction of EV charging requirements for your strata and the community.

Electric vehicle charging for Breakfast Point

The adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV's) across the globe is gaining momentum. While EV adoption in Australia is behind other countries, there is no doubt EV's in Australia are gaining traction. Forecasts are that this trend is expected to exponentially accelerate.

The ability to conveniently charge an EV will become increasingly important, and there will be a point in the future when a lack of EV charging infrastructure may impact our property values.

Ideally, charging an EV is done in your own garage overnight. Some building strata within the Breakfast Point community have already commenced work on this. However, for a variety of reasons the installation of charging infrastructure and chargers in apartment buildings can represent a challenge. A 40 apartment complex in Breakfast Point is working with a cost proposal requiring approximately $1600 per Apartment to be funded by the Owners Corporation. There would also be an additional average cost of around $1700 for cabling and an annual lease fee for a charger, to be funded by those owners wishing to install a charger in their own garage.

What's being done

The Community Association has formed a project team to investigate the provision of electric vehicle charging stations within Breakfast Point.

The project team is looking at a number of scenarios including the provision of charging facilities within individual strata, and also EV parking bays with chargers that would be available for use by Community Residents. It should be noted that the development of Load Managements systems enables these chargers to be installed without a negative impact on the general electricity supply by maintaining the overall load with the design parameters for the supply.

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