for EV Purchases in NSW

NSW Government Incentives

The NSW Government is making EVs more affordable for the people of NSW by reducing upfront costs.

From 1 September 2021...

  • $3,000 rebates will be given for the first 25,000 EVs sold for under $68,750

  • stamp duty will be removed for EVs under $78,000.

NSW EV Rebates

The NSW Government will offer $3,000 rebates for the first 25,000 new EVs purchased for less than $68,750.

Stamp Duty Removed

Stamp duty paid will be reimbursed on eligible new and used EVs purchased up to $78,000 in NSW

NSW EV Strategy

The NSW Government is investing almost half a billion dollars in tax cuts and incentives to drive uptake and reduce barriers for electric vehicle (EV) purchases over the next four years.